STAAR/TESTING Preparations!

It's that time of year! The Spring STAAR/EOC testing begins on April 24. 
22-23 Testing Calendar: 
April 24: 6th Grade ELAR STAAR
April 25: 3-5th Grade ELAR STAAR, 7th Grade ELAR STAAR
April 26: 8th Grade ELAR STAAR, English I EOC
April 27: English II EOC
April 28: ELAR Make-Ups
May 2: 5th Grade Science STAAR, 8th Grade Science STAAR, Biology EOC
May 3: 8th Grade Social Studies STAaR, U.S. History EOC
May 4-5: Science & Social Studies Make-Ups
May 8: 6th Grade Math STAAR
May 9: 3-5th Grade Math STAAR, 7th Grade Math STAAR
May 10: 8th Grade Math STAAR, Algebra I EOC
May 11-12: Math Make-Ups
Additional State Assessment Information may be found at the following links: 

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How can I help my child prepare for STAAR?

The 2022-23 Texas Education Agency State Assessment Calendar

STAAR Redesign



We ask our parents/guardians work closely with their student’s campus to ensure our students are present on scheduled test days.

Please contact your your student's campus office to inquire further about campus testing plans.

AES- 830-460-3900

HCE- 830-460-3901

BMS- 830-460-3899

BHS- 830-460-3898